Youth unemployment debate "What Works" and facebook photo Campaign Young Working People

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Every year on 7th October – the World Day for Decent Work – CNV Internationaal draws attention to the poor working conditions suffered by many people around the world. This year we are focusing on a global development that is palpable much closer to home as well: the global ‘youth unemployment crisis’.

Debate "The global youth unemployment crisis"

On 7th October 2014, CNV Internationaal will be organising a debate in The Hague, with speakers from Dutch and African trade unions as well as a representative of the Dutch Foreign Ministry. We will use this afternoon to discuss the Netherlands’ national and development cooperation policies on employment. In interaction with the audience we intend to contribute to the global debate around youth unemployment.

Facebook Photo Campaign Young Working People

A Dutch and an African photographer portrayed the lives of young people in the Netherlands as well as their international counterparts. They share both their dreams and concerns for the future with the Dutch public. For young people, it is often hard to find a job. But they are also proud of their work. Through a Facebook campaign CNV Internationaal shares the black-and-white pictures and focuses on Decent Work for young people worldwide


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