WDDW 2014 event in Kosovo

Kosovo (Central & Eastern Europe)

Yesterday for the occasion of World Day for Decent Work and Decent Life, BSPK through our Youth Network has done some activities in 5 regions of Kosovo. Of course the main activities were done in the main square of our capital city Prishtina, where our youth activist where wearing T-shirts with the logo of ITUC, BSPK and WDDW distributing leaflets to the citizens explaining the importance of this day. The interest of the citizens was quite good, and in front of media’s President Arifi made a speech regarding this important day for workers all around the world. Our youth activists where also invited yesterday in the main Public TV of Kosovo to speak regarding these activities supported by ITUC, unfortunately the situation in our country is really bad when it comes to employment there is official rate 35% of unemployed people in general and for young population is more then 50%, so the WDDW activity yesterday was really welcomed as a BSPK initiative to open mind of people that things has to change for better.


BSPK - enisa.salimovic@lol.ba


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