Street campaign “There are no new jobs on a dead planet”

Serbia (Europa Central y Oriental)

Belgrade, 7 October 2014

On the occasion of 7 October – World Day for Decent Work – TUC NEZAVISNOST activists posted placards on Belgrade streets and distributed leaflets to citizens with visual and textual messages on the need for balance between new jobs and conditions for decent work and for preserved and sound planet.
The text of the Communication that representative trade union confederations in Serbia – TUC NEZAVISNOST and Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia – delivered to all the media has also been distributed to citizens. This Communication points to very difficult conditions, disastrous for decent work, in which employees in Serbia live and work today, at the time when the country is preparing for accession to the European Union.
These conditions are way below norms and standards set by the European Social Charter and other EU acts – directives or recommendations – that every candidate country must apply and comply with.
Belgrade citizens were particularly deeply impressed by the motto of this campaign: “There are no new jobs on a dead planet”, which they often commented in the sense that we need new jobs that will make it possible for employees, in decent working conditions, to achieve assumptions necessary for decent life for themselves and their families instead of jobs that will poison and pollute our working and living environment and adversely affect employees’ safety, health and life.
Talking with TUC NEZAVISNOST activists, Belgrade citizens, dissatisfied with the working conditions and employees’ position, as well as with an increasing number of the unemployed or those who are hired as undeclared labour, described the current situation and working conditions in our economy more as slavery than as decent work. That is a serious warning to the present authorities that they should not put the whole weight of their “reforms” solely on the backs of workers. It is also a warning to trade unions that they should find more efficient methods of industrial action to upgrade employees’ situation and improve their position in Labour law, as well as their economic and social circumstances.




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