RENGO actions for “the World Day for Decent Work 2014”

Japón (Asia del Este)

This year, as was previous years, RENGO has, thanks to the collaboration of almost all our local organizations, deployed numerous rallies and street actions in many cities across the country mostly on 7 October to call for realizing Decent Work for all.

In the main venue of the rally at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, RENGO representatives, including President Koga, addressed to passersby on the concept of "Decent Work" and its various aspects such as workers’ rights, wages, working hours and social protection, with a special emphasis placed on the renewed minimum wages effective since early October. A representative of a partner NGO, group of family members of victims of “death by overwork” also took the floor to call for abolition of this miserable phenomenon. This year’s specialty was herb-seeds to tell people to “plant seeds of Decent Work”.

Ahead of the WDDW, RENGO conducted a national survey on Decent Work, which revealed regrettably low rate of recognition of this very important concept. RENGO put out a press release on the survey result on the day of the WDDW (in Japanese only).

We reaffirm our determination to take actions to spread the concept of “Decent Work”.


Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO)
Nobuaki KOGA, President -


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President KOGA addressing to passersby

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