PODKREPA campaign for Decent work (Burgas)

Bulgaria (Central & Eastern Europe)

On 7th October –World Day for Decent Work, The Confederation of labour PODKREPA-Bulgaria is implementing several activities.
PODKREPA activities are organized at large, national scale with regard to get close to working people from different regions. An innovative activity is the distribution of 1500 vouchers for free legal consultancy on labor and employment issues. Such, free of charge service, is organized in the six biggest cities across the country and vouchers are distributed by PODKREPA regional structures’ experts to every interested person. Vouchers’ distribution will last for one hour /from 12 to 13 pm/.
At the very same time , in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, PODKREPA and its branch affiliated organizations legal advisors /25 jurists/ will be at disposition for giving to every interested person free legal services in the field of industrial matters, labor market, education and training, youth activities, health and safety at work.


Confederation of labour PODKREPA, Bulgaria
Veselin Mitov - intdept@podkrepa.org

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