„European wages for Lithuanian workers“

Lituania, República de (Europa Central y Oriental)

Lithuanian Trade Union „Solidarumas“ is organising meeting and rally in Vilnius to mention the World Day for Decent work on 7 October, 2014. There will be gathering in the square of Europe (Constitution ave. 3) at the Municipality of Vilnius and procession to the Government building (Gedimino ave. 11). It will start at 11 a.m..
Main demands are as followers:
To increase wages - „European wages for Lithuanian workers“; No liberalization of labour laws without social guaranties; To guaranty right to organise and right to strike; To reduce informal economy; To guaranty social rights and right to public services: such as heating, electricity, heath care, education.
No liberalization of labour laws without social guaranties - Flexicurity is based on strong state social policy, but not on restiction of workers rights.
Special attention will be given to the situation in „Vilnius Public Transport“. The wages for workers are delay since August. Drivers of the company are to start and industrial action – strike.


Lithuanian Trade Union „Solidarumas
Daiva Kvedaraite - daivakv@delfi.lt


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