Decent Work for Postal Workers in Israel

Israel (Oriente Medio)

During the entire month of September 2014 and into October, demonstrations of representatives of workers’ committees in the civil service, labor disputes, and solidarity strikes in various ministries and public sector workplaces were held insupport of postal workers in Israel. The participants protested against the "revolving door" policy through which the state intends to fire approximately 1,500 postal workers while replacing them with temporary workers.
Tens of thousands of workers headed by the Histadrut, vehemently struggled against and the decision. Symbolically, today on WDDW, they achieved social justice and upheld human dignity through victory and averted the dismissal of dedicated workers.
It is important to emphasize that the Histadrut not only prevented the dissolution of the Postal Company, but also guaranteed the agreements that anchor the improvement of services to citizens. Thus, the Histadrut ensured that a good recovery plan can be reached in only one way – the way of agreement with employees and the Histadrut.
The Histadrut will continue to oppose any policy that perpetuates harmful employment patterns and deliberately expands the phenomenon of contract workers and ’shoulder to shoulder’ workers in order to assure social justice in Israel.

The actions were held for five weeks, throughout the country with the participation of tens of thousands workers and our youth movement, Ha’noar HaOved Ve HaLomed.


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