Decent work for McDonald’s Workers in Israel

Israel (Oriente Medio)

The Histadrut youth movement, Ha’noar HaOved Ve HaLomed, decided that their theme for WDDW will be the young Israeli McDonald’s Workers’ struggle for the basic right to sign a collective agreement. McDonald’s franchise is the largest employer of youth in Israel and vehemently opposes the right of organization of its workers and imposes pressures to break the organization.
The workers of the company, together with the Histadrut, continue to hold public actions and request negotiations with the management. Accordingly, the Histadrut presses the management to sign a CBA which will protect the workers’ rights.
As part of the struggle -and in affinity with WDDW- approximately 100 people (movement members and workers), demonstrated on October 6 in front of McDonald’s office and McDonald’s share holders’ offices in Israel.
In addition, 200 workers protested in branches throughout Israel in the two weeks.


Histadrut Youth
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