Campaign action for living wages, health and safety and social security, and against precarious work

Indonesia (Asia del Sudeste)

Today average 1000 members of KSBSI, follow by 11 Federation: Lomenik, Kikes, Hukatan, FKUI, Kamiparho, Nikeuba, FTA, etc. affiliated to KSBSI have a march from Central Hotel Indonesia Jakarta to President Palace. KSBSI members affiliate to IndustriALL also join Indonesian IndustriALL March in Central Hotel Indonesia to demand Decent Work. KSBSI demand to government of Indonesia:

1. Elimination of Precarious Work
2. Apply Living Wages, not Minimum Wages
3. Pension Scheme in Social Security
4. Law Regarding domestic workers and home base workers
5. Protect the world from Climate Change
6. Reject ASEAN Community Integration (Asean Free Trade)
7. Reject new law regarding Mayor and Governor election through Parliament, do
direct election from the people.

After our March in President Palace, we went to Jakarta Governor Office to announce of KSBSI Jakarta Demand Rp. 3,200,000 (US$ 300) Jakarta Living wages for 2015 according to KSBSI survey. After that we also went to Minister of State Own Enterprise Office to demand implementation Parliament of Indonesia recommendation to employed all outsource workers in State Own Enterprise become permanent.




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