Activities related to the WDDW 2014 organised by the CMKOS and its affiliated trade unions

Czech Republic (Central & Eastern Europe)

Information about the WDDW 2014 was given and discussed at the CMKOS Council, the executive body of the CMKOS, spread through CMKOS internet and intranet, Facebook, e-Sondy; special part of CMKOS web is devoted to the WDDW: where different activities are collected.

Several CMKOS representatives participate these days in important events with a strong dimension linked to decent work, for example:

-  CMKOS Youth Council representatives participates in the the Central European Youth Trade Union Network (CEYTUN) Conference, on 3 – 5 October in Warsaw. This meeting was followed by a common street action connected with the International Day for Decent Work;

-  CMKOS President participates in the trade unions leaders meeting, on the eve of the European Conference on employment and economic growth, in Rome on 6 October;

-  CMKOS Vice-President takes part in 7th PERC Summer School in Bratislava, 6- 7 October;

-  CMKOS Vice-President attends the Conference on collective labour law, organised in Bratislava on 7 October. He will stress the WDDW during the Conference. 14, Bratislava

-  The leaders of the trade union confederations from the Visegrad countries - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - will meet for their annual meeting on 9 -10 October in Krakow, they will pay attention, among others, to growing extent of precarious work in individual countries;

-  CMKOS Vice-President took part in the Annual International Conference dealing with labour law, organised by labour law departments of the faculties of law of Czech Universities; the Conference commemorated the WDDW during its programme;

-  CMKOS Committee for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, meets on 7 October, the WDDW is on the agenda;

-  At the branch level, the CMKOS biggest affiliated trade union OS KOVO (metalworkers union) is fully engaged in the global activities against precarious employment in the framework of the IndustriALL Global Union’s actions; see; information is also spread by weekly Kovak, distributed into all OS KOVO company organisations.



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