A worthy World Cup requires decent work!

Noruega (Europa occidental)

LO Norway marked 7th of October with a press conference in Oslo on the Qatari World Cup 2022 and the countries guest workers. The panel concisted of the following:

- Mrs Gerd Kristiansen, President of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)
- Mr Joachim Walltin, President of the Norwegian Players Assosiation (NISO)
- Mr Zahir Belounis, footballplayer formerly trapped in Qatar
- Mr Børre Rognlien, President of the Norwegian Olympic and paralympic Comittee and Confederation of Sports (NIF)
- Mr Bjarne Berntsen, Vice President of the Fotball Assosiation of Norway (NFF)


Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions
Vidar Hovland - vidar.hovland@lo.no


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October 7th report - LO Norway

Events and media coverage of LO Norway on 7th of October, World Day for Decent Work.

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